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Floodlight Camera in Myrtle Beach & Charleston, SC

When you consider that more than 1.5 million burglaries are committed throughout the night, it's not surprising that homeowners become concerned about the safety of their properties as soon as the sun goes down. Home invasions often take place at night because the perpetrators have a lower chance of being seen and apprehended.

That is why Alarm Alert provides floodlight camera options that can sustain in any harsh environment and has a night vision feature too which can greatly help the homeowners and businesses in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and other cities of the South Carolina service area. Contact us at 843-396-3727 right now to purchase one for your house or workplace.

Advantages of Using a Floodlight Camera

home security cctv floodlight camera

Here are the advantages you will get upon using a floodlight camera-

  • Resistant to Weather: The floodlight camera is weather-resistant, which means that it will survive longer outside than a device that is not authorized for usage in adverse conditions. This product is durable enough to survive both extreme high temperatures and heavy rainfall.
  • Night Vision Feature: Night vision capabilities are included with the purchase of a floodlight security camera. You will get a clearer picture of what is going on outside your house at night thanks to the camera's night vision capability, which makes it possible for the camera to see well in the dark. The floodlight component of the device can, in the vast majority of instances, be toggled on and off. You can depend on the night vision instead of the floodlight if you don't want it to turn on at night (this may be for any number of reasons), in which case you can turn off the light.

Select Alarm Alert for Effective Security Camera Solutions

With more than 40 years of experience in home and business security solutions, Alarm Alert's products and services are guaranteed the best quality. We also provide indoor security cameras medical alerts, etc. in Scranton, Lake City, etc throughout the South Carolina service area. So, give us a call right now at 843-396-3727 or fill out the contact form on our website for an estimate or consultation.

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Alarm Alert was absolutely amazing! Very friendly, helpful and affordable! I highly recommend them for security protection! Thank you so much Alarm Alert!

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We have been using Alarm Alert beginning in 2007. Their service is great, their prices is good and they will call you back when you need their help.

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Alarm alert provided excellent service for my family. The installer was professional and provided an expert installation. He also walked us through all facets of the alarm system.

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