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Smart Irrigation Installed in Charleston & Myrtle Beach, SC

smart irrigation system is an automated irrigation system designed for optimum watering for your lawn, garden or landscaping with maximum efficiency, depending on the conditions. Watering by hand can be time-consuming and inefficient, so installing a smart irrigation system is more productive, efficient and cost-effective. Sensors or software control a smart irrigation system through your wireless network or Bluetooth. 

With our smart irrigation system, options are available for any irrigated space, from side yards to large lawns or lots and spacious gardens. Smart irrigation systems are versatile and popular among customers in Charleston, FlorenceMyrtle Beach, Alcolu, Andrews, or across our SC service area.

Alarm Alert is a Qolsys, 2GIG, and authorized product partner. We're able to provide customers with the most cutting-edge products. For assistance in the Charleston area with smart irrigation as part of your home automation system, count on Alarm Alert for superior services. Call 843-396-3727 or contact us online to learn more about smart irrigation installation.

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For alarms, automation, security and more residential or commercial options in Charleston and surrounding areas, Alarm Alert has:

Why Alarm Alert For Smart Irrigation in Conway, SC?

Our smart irrigation system installation offers these advantages:

Smart Irrigation in Florence & Charleston<
  • No manual watering: Say goodbye to manual irrigation forever. A smart lawn irrigation system will keep your lawn green and healthy. Automation means no fuss.
  • Affordability: Pre-set environmental conditions can determine times your smart irrigation systems waters. Specific soil type, climate, temperature and other conditions under which roots retain water can be accounted for automatically. Save on watering as conditions dictate smart irrigation.
  • Save Water: Smart irrigation system conserves by watering at optimal times daily or weekly without unnecessary waste.
  • Less over-watering: Over-watering washes away good soil, fertilizer, nutrients and other elements of good lawn and garden growth.
  • Less under-watering: Underwatering makes lawns or plants undergrown, dry, near death and unhealthy. A smart irrigation system avoids the effects of inadequate watering.

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At Alarm Alert, we also provide home security and commercial security. We have set the standard since 1979 for superior home security or automation products, including smart irrigation. Call 843-396-3727 or contact us online. Control every aspect of your home's watering with the ease and convenience of smart irrigation and other smart technology. Go beyond standard garden hoses for a reliable and intelligent smart irrigation system.

Save water and money while achieving the best results imaginable. We're available in Conway, Georgetown, Myrtle Beach, Lake City, and other cities across our SC service area. Call 843-396-3727 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.

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