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Touchless Door System in Myrtle Beach & Charleston, SC

The touchless door is crucial in high-contact public places such as healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools, offices, and restrooms in order to:

  • Minimize high-frequency touchpoints.
  • Reduce the spread of germs.
  • Increase touchless access solutions.

At Alarm Alert, you will find a dedicated team of experts who are always available at your service to provide touchless door systems in Myrtle Beach, Florence, Coward, Scranton, Lake City and other cities in the South Carolina. Our system of touchless doors consists of intelligent intrusion detection, surveillance systems, access control, and energy management in a single, cost-effective solution. For more information, give us a call today at 843-396-3727 or click here to schedule your appointment.

The Benefits of Touchless Doors 

Touchless Door System in Myrtle Beach & Charleston, SC

Improved Hygiene

Stop the spread of unwanted contaminants, viruses, and bacteria with hygienic, touchless automatic doors. As physical contact from the hands is not required to pass through, contagion risks are reduced with viruses and bacteria unable to pass through touch.

Easy Access

Automatic door sensors allow for touchless entry and exit by anyone, making the transition between rooms or entry points a seamless experience.
Boost Public Participation

Boost Public Participation

Greeting visitors with automated and touchless doors at your establishment will make an impression on visitors that, your business cares about their hygiene and comfort. Improve the experience for visitors today by revisiting your premises and converting the entry doors to touchless ones, to reduce the spread of coronavirus, bacteria, and germs.

Added Security

Touchless doors can also assist in the management of security. Having a touchless door removes the worry of forgetting to lock or shut a door behind you, giving you the peace of mind that your door will always be secure.

Why Choose Alarm Alert for Touchless Door Installation?

Alarm Alert uses the most innovative technologies in the market. We are experts in touchless door installation services and can eliminate unauthorized access to your property by providing smart security services. Call us at 843-396-3727 or contact us to get a free quotation today for your property in Florence County and the surrounding areas.

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