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Fire Alarms in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, & Florence, SC

It takes a long time and years of effort with much hard-earned investment to establish a business. But it takes just about a few minutes to ruin the entire operation both in physical form and on the accounting sheets. Unfortunately, the accounting sheet is not entirely in our capacity to help you with however, we can provide you with the peace of mind to make sure your whole concentration is on the numbers. How do we do that? By making sure your commercial property is a safe & secured one for both your human & non-human assets.

Alarm Alert serves its commercial customers with cutting-edge technology-based fire alarm products & required services in Florence County, South Carolina service area. We choose the devices & equipment supplied by industry leaders like Honeywell and

Fire Alarms in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, & Florence, SC

Fire Safety Equipment by Alarm Alert

Protecting your business from a fire is critical for the safety of your employees and your inventory. That is why we offer a variety of options to customers in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Florence, and other cities within our South Carolina service area to help you monitor and put out a fire if one should ever start. The important features of fire alarm equipment by Alarm Alert are:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Hood Suppression Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Flame Detection Systems
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Fire Alarms
Fire Safety Equipment by Alarm Alert

Fire Prevention Accessories by Alarm Alert

At Alarm Alert, we provide fire & safety services and product solutions for your commercial business. Our products are patented by industry leaders like and Honeywell. The range of fire prevention accessories include:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Service Parts
  • Chemicals
  • Cabinets
  • Covers and Accessories
  • Fire Hose
  • Nozzles
  • Brass & Hose Valves
  • Emergency Response Products
  • Sprinkler Accessories
  • Standpipe Equipment
  • Fire Alarm and System Products
  • Safety Equipment & Products
  • First Aid Products
  • Exit and Emergency Lighting
  • Signs & Labels
  • Service Equipment
  • Restaurant System Parts
Fire Prevention Accessories by Alarm Alert

Why Choose Alarm Alert?

A sole-proprietor storefront, a multi-story office building, or an industrial business park with multiple structures- whichever type of business you own, the trusted professionals from Alarm Alert can eliminate unauthorized access to your property by providing smart business security services.

  • In Business since 1979
  • Same & Next Day Service
  • Residential & Commercial Installations
  • Zero Percent Financing

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Why Choose Alarm Alert

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Alarm Alert was absolutely amazing! Very friendly, helpful and affordable! I highly recommend them for security protection! Thank you so much Alarm Alert!

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We have been using Alarm Alert beginning in 2007. Their service is great, their prices is good and they will call you back when you need their help.

5 star service

Alarm alert provided excellent service for my family. The installer was professional and provided an expert installation. He also walked us through all facets of the alarm system.

5 star service
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