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Surveillance Cameras in Myrtle Beach & Florence County, SC

Office Surveillance- is not a very easy task to be performed when we consider execution; but unfortunately, for our safe, secured life it is indeed, essential. Alarm Alert takes surveillance activities to a higher level by professional level, technology-based security cameras, patented by industry leaders like Honeywell &, in Florence County.

Requirement of Surveillance

With the surveillance cameras installed in your office building in Myrtle Beach and other parts of South Carolina, you can always know who is entering or exiting your office and watch videos later on the app to check the whole day’s events, at a convenient time.

This purpose is conveniently served by Alarm Alert’s cameras, by & Honeywell, in the concerned area. While an indoor camera will record moments happening at each corner of the building and save the videos for future usage, the smart app installed on your phone will allow you access to those HD1080P videos captured by the CCTV cameras.

Surveillance Cameras in Myrtle Beach & Florence County, SC

Types & Features of Alarm Alerts’ Surveillance Cameras

Alarm Alert provides its customers with IR Night Vision cameras that enable them to keep a similar high-quality track of the events happening in the entire house. These IR night vision cameras are of a similar quality used by the military, law enforcement agencies, hunters for hidden-object detection, surveillance, security, navigation, and similar other activities.

1. High-Resolution Video Cameras

Record high-resolution footage of your business to capture even the smallest of details. Video recording devices allow for playback and easy export of video footage.

Features of Alarm Alerts’ Surveillance Cameras

2. Increase Profit & Optimize Operations

  • Monitor workforce for proper staffing
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Reduce shrinkage and theft
  • Discourage workplace violence and/or harassment
  • Document attempted slips and false insurance schemes

3. Alarm Alert Video Cameras

  • Our video cameras bring high-resolution video to life
  • Flexible camera options are: indoor, outdoor & weather-resistant, vandal-proof dome cameras
  • Multiple lens options available to customize the application with a perfect field of view
  • Infrared technology to improve the image in low-light conditions

4. Quick Features

  • Video recorded 24X7
  • View recorded clips at your convenience
  • Stream live encrypted video of your business from almost anywhere
  • Secured system with user authentication and the lockout feature
  • Easy access through mobile app control, with a simple search and video sharing
  • Free Alarm Alert Video app that supports real-time video preview of up to 16 cameras
  • Pinch to zoom in and out, in preview mode
Alarm Alert Video Cameras

5. Alarm Alert Video App

  • View multiple cameras from the video app
  • Pull snapshots from live or recorded footage from the app
  • Export recorded footage to a mobile device
  • High resolution or basic viewing for optimizing available bandwidth
Alarm Alert Video App

Trust Alarm Alert for Surveillance Services

We offer the latest and greatest in security technology from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. Our systems require no phone line and have both cellular and iP compatibility. Call us at 843-396-3727 or contact us to get a free quotation today for your home security at Florence County and the surrounding areas.

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