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Day/Night Security Cameras in Myrtle Beach & Florence, SC

Nowadays, the need for safety measures is greater than ever. No matter where you are, it is essential that you inspect your residential or commercial property regularly. Security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your property at all hours of the day and night. A camera with day/night functionality allows for instant and automated adjusting that can be easily captured in high or low light.

At Alarm Alert SC, we have a team of professionals who can tailor our services to your specific safety needs. We serve throughout some major cities like FlorenceCowardScrantonLake City, and nearby areas in South Carolina. Consult our professional to get the best home security solutions. Install day/night cameras on your residence, call 843-396-3727, or contact us online.

Some Important Benefits of Day/Night Cameras

Here go some major benefits you can enjoy having a day/night camera installed on your property:

Day night camera installed outside
  • Superior visual clarification: One of the major benefits of these security cameras is they provide high-quality and clear images during both day and night. The visual resolution will not get affected in total darkness.
  • Adaptability: During the daytime, the day/night camera's functionality matches the color cameras. When darkness is detected by an internal sensor, it automatically switches the camera to night vision. Then the IR LED will begin producing light. Depending on the camera model, the nighttime image will be either black & white or have a green tinge.
  • Digitally changing color vibrance: Electronic color adjustment is possible in day/night cameras thanks to specialized filters. This makes sure that the camera can always take clear photos and videos with adjustable contrast to provide an HD look.

Count on Alarm Alert SC for High-Quality Security Cameras

Since 1979, we have offered the best day/night camera installation. Our company is one of the top security providers in South Carolina. We have a wide range of security solutions such as medical alerts, burglary detection, glass breaker detector, surveillance systems, and more. So, call 843-396-3727 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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Alarm Alert was absolutely amazing! Very friendly, helpful and affordable! I highly recommend them for security protection! Thank you so much Alarm Alert!

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We have been using Alarm Alert beginning in 2007. Their service is great, their prices is good and they will call you back when you need their help.

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Alarm alert provided excellent service for my family. The installer was professional and provided an expert installation. He also walked us through all facets of the alarm system.

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